Good for Kids

If you're looking for the best place to spend time with your little ones, the boulevard is the best option. The fresh air, combined with a variety of plants, coniferous trees and sea breeze, is exactly what your little ones need.

In addition to promoting health in an environmentally friendly recreation area, you will find many exciting adventures. There is a variety of infrastructure on our boulevard to entertain and lifting the mood in children.

There is a children's playground with swings and various entertainment installations on the opposite side of the colonnades in the first coastal area, environment is decorated with statues of cartoon characters in natural size. Exactly the same kind of playground is found on the territory of the New Boulevard.

If your kids are old enough and are attracted to the vibrant sensations and moderately extreme rides, then you should visit the area nearby Ardagan Lake, where there are several attractions on the seashore that will interest guests of all ages and tastes, including their parents.

One of the advantages of the boulevard, of course, is its proximity to nature. Kids especially love animals and to get in touch with them, so the zoo corner in the center of the boulevard is the best place - more than 140 winged inhabitants are always ready to lift your little ones mood.

After a cognitive and busy day, you don’t have to go too far with the kids for a snack - there are a variety of sweets and pastries on the boulevard, which can be purchased at specially arranged booths.

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Batumi Boulevard is the main and most visited sightseeing of the city. The recreation zone, which at the same time is a cultural heritage monument, for centuries, has unites the city's guests or native inhabitants. It involves a seven-kilometer seaside promenade, 4 historic alleys, bike path, and more than 40 thousand tree-plants planted at different times on the area. Batumi Boulevard, with its historical meaning and continuous development cycle, became a visiting card of our city where everyone finds their place.



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