Iason Gordezian

The gardener, decorator, Iason Gordezian has played a key role in development of Batumi Boulevard.

Under his management, new species of plants were introduced and planted. After his success, he went abroad to continue his education. In 1911 he graduated from the Versailles national institute of agriculture.

He gained experience of working in gardens in France, Belgium, Switzerland, and Holland. He also held a position of the gardener-decorator in the royal botanical garden in London.

After returning to Georgia he brought extensive knowledge and expertise back to the country that he used in implementing number of large-scale projects. In 2012 the sculpture of Iason Gordezian was set up in Batumi Boulevard.


  • Dream Column

    The installation of the "Dream Column" on the new boulevard remains one of the most visited places for garden visitors, to find which you have to go through a 150-meter-long labyrinth paved with sea pebbles.

  • Cafe Fantasy Octopus

    The café fantasy, also known as Octopus is a truly beautiful and magnificent sample of the mosaic art preserved till nowadays in Batumi Boulevard.

  • Dancing Fountains in the Lake Ardagani

    Similar to Old Boulevard, New Boulevard houses number of tourist attractions.

  • Ali and Nino

    7-meter constructions of a man and a woman perform a circular motions for 8-10 minutes eventually merging into each other.

  • The Woman on a Bike

    The peaceful and romantic environment characteristic to the Boulevard has been formed over the years.

  • Alphabet Tower

    A 130-meter Alphabet Tower is located in the Boulevard right in the Miracle Park.

  • Lighthouse

    The first building of the lighthouse was built in 1863, before the Batumi Boulevard was developed.

  • Central Dancing Fountains

    Three colorful fountains were installed in the central entrance of Batumi Boulevard in 1977 bringing vibrancy and a new splash of life to the area.

  • Summer Theater

    In 1948-1949 a unique wooden building was constructed in Batumi without a single nail.

  • Batumi Colonnades

    For over decades as the Batumi Boulevard has been growing, new sculptures and landmarks have been added.


Batumi Boulevard is the main and most visited sightseeing of the city. The recreation zone, which at the same time is a cultural heritage monument, for centuries, has unites the city's guests or native inhabitants. It involves a seven-kilometer seaside promenade, 4 historic alleys, bike path, and more than 40 thousand tree-plants planted at different times on the area. Batumi Boulevard, with its historical meaning and continuous development cycle, became a visiting card of our city where everyone finds their place.



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