History since 1881

In 1881, the governor of Batumi district, A. Smekalov had appeared an idea of ​​creating a seaside park. This is where begins the history of Batumi Boulevard. the first project of the boulevard was developed by well-known Prussian gardeners Ressler and Reier.

In 1884, Reseller died, and the successful initiative was handed over to a French nobleman, a famous garden designer Michel D'Alfonse. His contribution to the boulevard planning is so great that in historical sources, D'Alfonse is referred as “Kind genius of Batumi seaside”. The next stage of the boulevard development is associated with the gardener-decorator Iason Gordeziani, who using the knowledge gained in the Versailles Agricultural National Institute, encouraged herbal cover, expanded old and created new nurseries.

In the new millennium, the boulevard continued to grow at a more rapid pace, antique stile marble sculptures and colonnades project were brought from Italiy, the Summer theater were built, three colored fountains worked out.

The history of the Batumi Boulevard includes this century-long, continuous cycle, in which all the stages of the seaside park were enriched and gained the sacred significance. Today it is the most visited and characteristic sight of our city.

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Batumi Boulevard is the main and most visited sightseeing of the city. The recreation zone, which at the same time is a cultural heritage monument, for centuries, has unites the city's guests or native inhabitants. It involves a seven-kilometer seaside promenade, 4 historic alleys, bike path, and more than 40 thousand tree-plants planted at different times on the area. Batumi Boulevard, with its historical meaning and continuous development cycle, became a visiting card of our city where everyone finds their place.



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